The Studio


The Studio

The studio’s mission is to empower Artists worldwide by delivering unparalleled artistic training, enabling them to live out their true potential.

Fueled by the vision of creating an environment free from the constraints of traditional methodologies, PEM Studios Melbourne was established in 2017 by Liana Brener, in association with Stephan Perdekamp, becoming one of only two acting studios in the world that teaches the authentic and comprehensive PEM approach to the craft of acting.

Since 2023, Liana Brener partnered with European industry veteran and former Principle PEM Ensemble member Olaide Ajewole and founded Open Ocean Enterprises, which now drives PEM Studios Melbourne forward as a proud member of this innovative enterprise. Open Ocean’s mission is to disseminate emotional congruence training and subconscious process facilitation across various artistic realms, including acting, music, singing, and dance, as well as in corporate, professional development, well-being, public speaking, and charitable sectors. 

Open Ocean Enterprises is dedicated to facilitating personal and professional growth and transformations aimed at unblocking and removing limitations, thus empowering individuals to transcend their potential and achieve their goals. Open Ocean embodies the vastness, dynamics, and depth of emotions, much like the ocean, symbolising expansiveness, discovery, and endless horizons. This ethos is deeply reflected in the renewed approach of PEM Studios Melbourne, where artists and individuals are respected, encouraged and empowered to explore and train within a safe and supportive environment, fostering autonomy, personal growth, and unparalleled transformation