1 Year Intensive Program


“The PEM acting method is utterly and completely revolutionary. It can elevate a good actor’s performance from believable, to entirely truthful. It not only will shape the craft of acting, but also how people view their own emotional states. It connects the actor with genuine emotions to relay to the audience, and does so without complication. Honestly, if applied correctly, this method has the potential to introduce a whole new level of understanding to anyone dedicated to the training.”

Brandon Kyle Davis, actor, Los Angeles

For those actors who want to use PEM as the foundation of their craft. Actors will be immersed in a 40 week intensive training program in The Perdekamp emotional method and will train and cover following aspects within PEM:

Course Details

40 weeks of tuition,  plus term and mid year breaks.

16 contact hours/week over 3 days.

TBA Due to COVID-19

COST: $13 000

*Payment plan options available

What You Will Learn

  • Biological acting principles
  • Comprehensive emotional training
  • Truthful emotional interaction
  • Training in presence and being in the moment
  • Voice / Breath
  • Bodywork
  • Action / Reaction
  • Generating energetic atmospheres
  • Subconscious text work
  • Ensemble work
  • Improvisation
  • Immediacy in performance
  • In-depth and embodied character work
  • Monologue / Scene work
  • Devising a one act play

Actors in the 1 year program will perform in a Monologue/Scene showcase, as well as perform in a One Act Play Showcase upon completion.

Entry Via Audition