PEM Voice



Gain vocal freedom through PEM’s innovative approach to voice, and experience how your voice can resonate dynamically and freely. By using the physical process of emotions, you will free your voice from excess pressure or restrictions, and begin to re-establish a natural balance to the breathing and vocal organs. These processes lead to a healthy, flexible voice and broaden your vocal range of expression…

PEM Voice training is perfect for actors, singers, voice over artists, public speakers, and anyone who wants to find greater organic depth, resonance, flexibility and authenticity in their voice.


Our early stages focus on :

  • A natural balance to breath 
  • Removal of tensions 
  • Restrictive patterns and conditionings around the voice
  • Moving away from the pressure system
  • Moving towards Permeability.

We will begin to look at resonance through a state of physical openness and a vocal instrument free of tension.

*This stage is open to those completely new to PEM or PEM Voice, as well as those who have had prior PEM Voice training and would like to deepen and clarify their foundations in PEM Voice work.*

Doing PEM Voice online has been so rewarding – it has given me such a great understanding and increased freedom with my voice.
It’s been fantastic to be able to continue with PEM programs during lockdown – the online classes work incredibly well!

– Marie Werrett, PEM Voice and Acting Student

Our later stages begins to explore emotion as the vocal support of PEM Voice.

Here we begin to train and clarify:

  • The mechanics of emotion into sound
  • A vocal instrument free of pressure or restriction
  • Allowing authenticity
  • A broader range of vocal expression
  • Introduction to singing with ease and emotions as the vocal support

Permeability and resonance continue to be deepened as effortless sound is explored.

PEM Voice is amazing. Every week my mind is being blown learning about the resonance system and how to make sound from a place of openness in my body. I’m left really looking forward to the next class and it has really helped me get through lockdown as well! I wish I started sooner!

– Harrison Storm, Singer/Songwriter

Instructor Liana Brener
Instructor Liana Brener

Currently all PEM Voice classes are running online.